AIRO® improves the hand and look of the textile product with considerable effects on its quality, allowing an almost infinite number of finishing combinations. From processes that ennoble the textile material to unique and trendsetting fashion effects that – by creatively modifying the appearance and touch of the fabric – will allow designers, weavers, and finishers, to profitably explore new marketing opportunities.


AIRBOX is a continuous open-width dryer, designed to work as a stand-alone unit or connected in line with other machines. The most important function of the AIRBOX is when it is used as a pre-dryer installed before a continuous tumbler, such as – for instance – the AIRO 24, in order to considerably increase its production capacity.


With AQUARIA® a wide range of continuous washing processes can be performed: enzyme washing, peach skin, relaxation of stretch fabric, desizing, soda treatments, fibrillation and defibrillation (Tencel or Lyocell), bio-polishing, weight reduction, bleaching, degumming and many others which take advantage of the fabric being processed in open-width: the only way to ensure perfect results, always. The way is open, with Biancalani.


With Brio® (Patented) the combined actions of the intense mechanical shaking and of the drying in the tunnel ensure the perfect relaxation and permanent dimensional stability for each type of knitted fabric, in each composition and in any construction.

Cotton Fleece

These universal and versatile double drum machines are suitable for processing all types of fabrics made from natural or synthetic fibre. Two complete raising machines in the space of one enable a remarkable space saving. The special double drum configuration allows the raising of the right side and the back side, when tubular processing. The machine can be configured in raising/fleecing or raising/raising. It can be equipped with 24/28 raising rollers, with a ranging from 1800 to 2800 mm to better adapt to fabrics of any width. Equipped with automatic zero point setting device. All raising parameters can be set both during machine standstill and while working

Brush Sueding

Models equipped with 4 brushes for the treatment of knitted fabric, in open width or tubular. This machine is equipped with 4 brushes for the process of knitted fabrics. It’s divided in two independent modules, each of 2 brushes which allow to set two different brushing effects for each module. The strength point of this machine is the possibility to set in the display the final effect required on the fabric as a parameter. The achievable result is independent on the fabric type and it remains constant during the time due to the electronic automatic adjustment of the machine.


Its ultimate release is represented by the TURBO system. A special cylinder and ledger blade anti-vibration system ensuring the absence of faults and a high production speed, also with particularly difficult fabrics, as well as a considerable reduction in sharpening operations compared with those machines not equipped with this system. There are different optional solutions to manage selvedges, such as the selvedges protection automatic device. Availability of electrical heated polishing cylinder (pol rotor) for processing plush or acrylic knit

Polar Fleece

MC 10/24 has been expressly conceived to extract pile from the Polar fabric and it processes the smooth side and the loop side indifferently. The devices for Polar processing are already included as standard equipment such as adjustable motor-driven spreading devices for 360 ° positioning, fixed spreading devices and exit double draft. Moreover, it is equipped with automatic “0” point raising setting device and pneumatic tension control of cylinders driving belts to ensure a constant and continuous working cycle.

All raising parameters can be set both during machine standstill and while working


This universal and versatile single/double drum machine is ideal for wet processing woollen wool and blends. Equipped with 28 raising rollers, can work single or in tandem with shearing machines. Equipped with an automatic zero point setting device.
All raising parameters can be set both during machine standstill and while working.